ALERT: Taking Head Out of Sand

Photographer to finally take head out of sand
with Social Media

When it comes to the world of social media, friends, family and colleagues have been fed up with my lameness and in ever more graphic language scolded me to just jump in. Folks, I’m a relatively private person, yet I do love to connect and engage with like-minded, spirited people. So, watch out, I’m taking my head out of the sand! That’s right, now many years overdue, check out my new Instagram feed @bobhandelmanimages, my brand new website, and this new BLOG.

My original BLOG sheepishly stated “under construction” for a lonnnggg long time. My trusted photo assistant implored me to get rid of it until I was truly ready to act. I procrastinated and then procrastinated some more… she was right … and so it vanished. Fast forward to today, and my Blog has finally re-appeared, this time with content and a mission. I really DO have much to share. I’ve kicked the tires of life, learned some important things, and have a heartfelt commitment to follow thru with monthly posts. I’ve taught photo workshops and given presentations at industry conferences while hosting endless conversations in my head ; ). So it’s only natural to distill them in my handelBLOG and share the most useful lessons I’ve gleaned. You’ll read my musings on photo industry topics, creativity and career adventures and (mis)adventures.

I’ll work hard to keep it fresh, edited and focused. Look for these recurring themes:

“This is my office today”. Life as a location shooter is super cool! I get to interact with diverse people in wildly eclectic environments both near and far. I love working in “my mobile office”!

“My biggest mistakes, some of my best images”. Many of my favorite images are the result of some of my biggest mistakes and breaking the rules.

“Stretching the Parenthesis of my life”. Anyone else out there get bored easily? Count me in! I’ll share ways I get unstuck and creatively stimulated. I’d also love to learn what moves you into action, and gets you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

“Optical Confusion”. Personal work. I love to capture images that aren’t what they first appear.

“Planned Spontaneity”. I’ll describe images that fit my “commercial photography” branding to see what amount of planning goes into making them look and feel spontaneous.

Thanks for checking out post number one. I welcome feedback and hope you’ll join me in stoking the flame of inspiration. Please share this with others you think will be intrigued! MISSION POSSIBLE!!!!


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